Kindergarten Music…

Maybe I’m stressing over this more than I should.

But this is going to be the last thing that I *tweak* before school starts. Really, it is.

My choice for our kindergarten homeschool music curriculum has been (and continues to be) Say Hello to Classical Music from My Father’s World . I chose it because it was inexpensive and said that it combined listening to classical music with fun activities for the littles. Sounded great to me!

I popped the cd into my laptop and loved the music. I looked over the activities and…to be honest, I was a little disappointed.

I’m not really sure what I was hoping for. There are 26 musical selections, each with an accompanying activity. Out of those activities, 6 are repeated (one being a drawing/painting of fish but two times in a row…) I guess I was just hoping for more, I don’t know. So I have once again gone on a quest to find a music curriculum that I think my daughter will enjoy. After much searching, here’s what we’ll be doing:

-We’ll still be doing the My Father’s World Say Hello to Classical Music cd’s and activities. I really did love the music and I know that my daughter will enjoy it, too. I may spruce it up a bit by adding a picture of the composer and maybe an interesting fact about him before we start. We’ll do this every other week.

-The other choice that I had been considering before making my initial purchase was Kindergarten Music from Pfeiffer House Music . After another look around, I decided to go ahead and make the purchase. The kit includes a lesson book, worksheets, flash cards, and a cd, and comes in both a Christian and secular version. You can also just buy a digital download which is less expensive, but I like to have the cd and books in my hands so I went with the booklet and cd. There are 14 lessons which we will do every other week (rotating with the MFW cd/activities, some of which we may skip since they’re duplicates.)

I think that this will give my daughter a good start with her kindergarten music curriculum. She’ll be exposed to the classics, as well as be learning about things like rhythm, pitch, and solfege.

Interestingly, my search led me to find some great curriculum that we may try in the future. SQUILT looks like a fun, comprehensive program that is very affordable. Check it out here: . Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades from would be a dream, but it is rather pricey. One that I’m leaning toward is The Classical Kids Collection . After searching and saving it for later I was surprised and excited when I saw that it is offered as a first grade elective at Sonlight 🙂

So there it is. Hip hip, hooray! Now to begin lesson planning……..