The Big Day…It’s Almost Here!

So today was our last free Friday. Our last weekday that my little baby isn’t a big “school kid” (well, not officially anyway). We celebrated by having her bff over for an afternoon of fun and playing together while they still had the chance. Monday will be here quickly, and with it comes the first day of school. ! . .

So…the first day of school! It is an emotional day. She’s my first, and thus far, my only. I’m thankful we’re homeschooling, but I also want to make this a special time for her since this is kind of a big deal, ya know?…Hubby and I took her school shopping. She needed bigger clothes–she’s outgrowing everything she owns–and we wanted her to have the experience just like we did when we were growing up. But I want to do more. I want to make family traditions and family memories that will give her some sense of peace and belonging in this crazy world.

I’ve scoured the internet and found lots of neat-o ideas of things to do to commemorate the first day of school and make it special. This is what I plan to do:

-Sometime this weekend I would like to get her a special toy. I haven’t decided yet if it will be an educational type toy, or just a stuffy who will be her designated “study buddy”. This will depend on whether or not we end up going on another shopping trip since we live in nearly the middle of nowhere. We shall see.

-When she wakes up on Monday morning, I want to have a special, yummy breakfast. I’m thinking cinnamon rolls. I know, not the healthiest, but we don’t ever really have them so it would be different and special. And yummy, which is the whole point.

-After breakfast, I’ll measure and weigh her, and record it…somewhere. I thought about a growth chart, but didn’t think about it soon enough and since–as stated above–we live in the middle of nowhere, there’s not enough time to order one.

-I’ll take a picture of my lovely new student in her brand new school duds. Can’t forget the first day of school picture, right? And at least right now my princess loves posing for the camera. Win-win.

-At some point, probably before we really get the day started, I’ll have the princess answer a first day of school interview. I’m looking forward to hearing her answers and seeing how they may change over the years, lol.

So there it is, my big plan for the first day of Kindergarten. I just really would like to get this year started and see how things go! Praying that it all goes well, that my baby learns a lot, and that we will grow closer together throughout this process. Wishing everyone else the best, as well! Here’s to a great school year!