Finding the Good

To me, from the Princess

To me, from the Princess

Trying to find the good in the day.

I’m waiting to hear from my best friend and hoping for good news about her health. In the meantime, I’m seeking the good that’s in this day.

A few good things:

* The princess drew that picture for me, the one that’s at the top of the page. She always knows how to brighten her mommy’s day 🙂

* When I woke up this morning and checked my email, I found a note telling me that I had won a contest on YouTube for a free Kawaii Box! Definitely a nice surprise 🙂 So I’ll have a few more subscription boxes to share with you sometime!

* School is almost here. Planning is almost finished. Things are getting done. Relief is nearly upon us, lol.

For now I’m overlooking that pile of laundry glaring at me and waiting for me to fold it. (…yeah, you’re next, buddy…) And I’ll keep on seeking the good, whatever the rest of the day may bring.


A Year…What?!?!!???

Wow, has it really been almost a whole year since my last blog post?  Yes, I believe it has!  So much has happened…so much to write about…

Of course I won’t be able to fill in all the blanks in one post.  So, I’ll start where I left off…

Homeschool!  We survived Kindergarten!  I won’t say that every day was a bed of roses.  There were challenges along the way, and a lot of learning for the both of us.  But it was a good year.  It was a successful year.  And it was a fun year!  I’ll try to write more about it (about what worked, what didn’t, etc.) in a separate post…or 10 🙂

I’m now in the midst of planning for first grade.  I’ve made some changes to our curriculum, and other things have stayed the same.  Everything is purchased (I hope!) so I’ve just got to sit down and fill in our general schedule for the year.  More on that to come.

Since the last post, there have been other changes.  We’ve been to England and Paris and back again.  (We even got to spend a day in Liverpool!  The Beatle fan I used to be couldn’t resist the temptation…)  The princess has graduated from her Pathfinder year of AHG and is looking forward to what this new year as a Tenderheart will hold.  I’ve found a new addiction:  subscription boxes!  *L*  I haven’t gone overboard (I think I’m too thrifty to ever do that.)  But I’ll probably post about those sometime.  For now, I’m just trying to get through this next week, and then summer break can finally begin…(yes, begin…it’s been so busy so far, and after next weekend it should finally calm down).

So hopefully it won’t be so long before the next post.  We’ll see 🙂