My Pretend Place, Summer Quarter 2015

Ok.  So I have recently fallen in love with monthly subscription boxes.  I’m really trying to not go too overboard with them.  (Not *too* overboard…*L*)  But I am subscribing to a few now, one of which is a quarterly (or monthly depending on your purchase) box from My Pretend Place.

My Pretend Place, Summer 2015

My Pretend Place, Summer 2015

My Pretend Place is a subscription box for kids starting at 3 yrs old. It offers 2 different types of subscriptions depending on what you’re looking for: either a dress-up box that includes a costume and other fun stuff (for kids age 3-6, $50/quarter), or a DIY project box (for kids age 3-8, $15/month). When you order, you can specify if you would like a box for a boy, a girl, or one that isn’t gender specific.

The Princess has always liked to play dress-up and pretend, so I ordered the quarterly dress-up box for her. So far, we’ve only received the box I’m going to tell you about today, but I want to note that their website says: “Once a quarter, your child will receive a shipment of theme specific pretend play items (including a dress-up costume), and the rest of the months, you’ll receive smaller shipments via mail that may include sticker activity sets, recipe ideas, crafts, games, etc. all focused on the main theme for that quarter. We supply everything your child will need for tons of fun, laughter and learning.” You can also check out their website for extra freebies like activity ideas and recipes for your boxes theme, or splurge and purchase extra items for the theme as well.

But enough of that. Let’s look at this box!

Opening the box...

Opening the box…

The Princess couldn’t wait to get into this box! (Ok, maybe I was a little excited to see what was inside, too…)

First look

First look…

The first thing I opened was the envelope. Here’s what was inside:


A cute magnet (the thing with the astronaut), little fairy stickers and a handle to decorate the outside of your box so you can use it as a storage trunk for your dress-up clothes, and a little note thanking us for our purchase. Nice little extra touches. Next, we found this:


How cute is this??? I think it’s a nice invitation and jumping off point for a child to start playing pretend and coming up with imaginative stories of their own. Of course, most kids probably won’t need this, but it’s a nice touch, anyway.

Other things in our box included:

A fairy house to paint and decorate

A fairy house to paint and decorate

The Princess really liked this. She wanted to do it right away! Anything painting or drawing or art, she’s there.

Blendy Pens

Blendy Pens and pictures to color

So far, the Princess has only colored one picture from this. As much as she loves artsy things, she’s not so big on coloring pages. But she does think blending the colors together in the markers is pretty cool.

A story book: Alice the Fairy

A story book: Alice the Fairy

The Princess read this to me the afternoon she received it. I asked her what she thought of it. “Pretty cool.”

And of course, the fairy costume!

And of course, the fairy costume!

Of course she loved the costume!







I’d share a pic of the Princess in her costume so you can see how it fits, but I can’t seem to figure out how to crop a photo. (It shouldn’t be this difficult…and it’s probably not, lol) Anyway, the costume fits an in-between size 5 & 6 very well.

Overall, this box is a hit at our house!  I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of extra goodies they send us in the in-between months!

In summary…

Who this box is for:  Girls, age 3-6 (although there is the option of the DIY craft box for ages 3-8 yrs., and you can specify whether you want a box for a girl, a boy, or gender neutral.)

What you get:  1 box every 3 months filled with things like crafts, activities, and a dress-up costume, and smaller shipments each month in-between that complement the quarterly theme.  (Or, you can opt for the DIY box and receive 1 box each month that contains projects to add to your dress-up wardrobe.  They include material for two finished projects–but they might be two of the same in case there is a sibling, I’m not sure.)

The cost:  $50/quarter and ships free (which works out to $16.67/month.  If you opt for the DIY box, the price is $15/month with free shipping.)  Also, right now they are running a special to save 30% on your first box if you use the code “pretend”.

If you’d like more information, check out their website:

Happy pretending!

Happy pretending!


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