The Boodle Box, August 2015

In my last post, I wrote about my latest and greatest find:  Stitch Fix.  (I think this should get you there if you’re interested in reading it: .)  It has only been a month and I am already smitten by the whole subscription box idea!  I love the idea of getting a fun surprise in the mail each month and being able to try new products at the same time.  So, I’ve been busily scouring the internet to see what other treasure are out there for the finding.  I’ve found so many, and can’t wait to share them with you!

One of my first finds has been something called The Boodle Box.  It’s a monthly subscription box for young girls that contains beauty products and accessories, and it actually comes in two options:  The Boodle One box for girls ages 6-11, and the Boodle Two Box for girls ages 12+.

I ordered the Boodle One for my kiddo. Here’s a look inside the box:

The Boodle One Box for girls ages 6-11

The Boodle One Box for girls ages 6-11

You can see that the theme for the month of August was “Boodle Buzz”. All of the items in the box were in the black, yellow, and white color scheme, and bumble bee themed. Super cute! The box contained:

*Honeycomb Bracelet ($14.50) from Double B Jewelry

*Honeybee Ring ($9.99) from Infinitine

*Bling Glitter, Colour Stay & Sticker Stencil ($24.98) from Bellapierre Cosmetics

*3D Bee Ipod Cover ($5.00) from Claire’s

*Bee Folding Sunglasses ($6.99) from Toopado

*LuBoo Lip Balm ($13.00) from LuBooLips

*Yoga Headbands (3 for $6.96) from Kenz Laurenz

*Schoola Donation Bag from

I didn’t take a picture of each item individually, but here are a few more highlights from the box:

Some Boodle Box Goodies!

Some Boodle Box Goodies!

The ring and bracelet

The ring and bracelet

Look at the cute bee detail on the bracelet!

Look at the cute bee detail on the bracelet!

All of our Boodle Box loot!

All of our Boodle Box loot!

Overall, the princess and I were both very pleased with her first Boodle Box. She especially liked the jewelry and headbands and wore them all (yes, the jewelry plus all three headbands at once!) for the rest of the day, lol. My only complaint was that the sunglasses were broken when they arrived. As soon as my daughter tried to put them on, they came apart, and when I tried to fix them, the screw wouldn’t tighten. Oh well.

There was also a minor issue with actually getting the box, but the folks at the Boodle Box actually noticed an issue with my order and *they* called *me* to straighten it out! (The box got lost in the post office in Florida, where the company originates from.) Kudos to them for great customer service!

If you think you might be interested in purchasing The Boodle Box for a special girl in your life, here’s what you need to do:

*Choose which box you want (age 6-11 or 12+)
*Choose what plan you want:
-1 month $24.99+shipping
-3 months $19.99/month+shipping (subscription auto-renews)
-6 months $19.99/month+free shipping (subscription auto-renews)
-12 months $19.99/month+free shipping and your 12th month is free (subscription auto-renews)
*Wait for your box to arrive.

What do you think of this month’s box?

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