Homeschool Curriculum…Choices, Choices….

It has been like Christmas in July around our house this week! Packages have been arriving nearly every day containing loads of goodies for our homeschool!

I’m not a momma who has been looking into homeschool curriculum from the time I was knee-high to a jelly bean, but when someone told me about the Sonlight curriculum, I was sold. That was a year ago–maybe two–, and that was the plan should the possibility ever arise. I, like many, love the idea of a literature based curriculum. Love it. But when the time came for me to actually purchase curriculum, I wanted to see what else was out there so that I could be sure I was making the best choices for our little princess.

Wow, there are A LOT of homeschool curriculum choices out there!

Here’s what I knew:
-Because I’m new to all of this, I wanted something comprehensive. I didn’t want to have to create my own curriculum. What if I miss something important???!!! :S :S :S
-I wanted a curriculum that will help us to best schedule our days. I wanted instructor guides to tell me what to do and when to do it!
-I wanted something that would be fun! It’s really important to my husband and I that this first year of schooling for our princess is fun, engaging, and a time that is going to help foster a love of learning in our daughter.

I was nearly ready to order the Core A Kindergarten Curriculum from Sonlight when I came across a post on facebook. A mom was asking about a curriculum for her daughter that was pretty much everything I was looking for. That’s when I heard the name Timberdoodle. As soon as I saw all that it had to offer I was torn. It looked like so much FUN! I knew my daughter would love it. But my heart also longed for the read-aloud time that Sonlight offered. What to do?

I talked it over with the hubby. And what we did…I’ll tell you in the next post 😉

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