New Beginnings!

So……..our family is about to set off upon a new journey that I am very excited about! We’re homeschooling!

This blog is going to help serve as a record of our journey. I hope that I’m able to keep up with it.

My hubby and I have been blessed with one thoughtful, caring, beautiful, amazing, talented, spunky, full of laughter and life daughter. It wasn’t our plan to only have one child, but (try as we might), that’s just the way it is. Homeschooling my children has always been my dream. Not so much with my hubby. (You know, socialization and all…)

So how did we find ourselves here on the brink of such an undertaking???

Basically, our schools are over-crowded. Because of funding cuts, schools have recently been closed which has resulted in doubling the student population and putting a great stress on both teachers and students. There’s not enough room! Some teachers don’t have classrooms. Students are crammed in like sardines. It’s just not a good situation, so hubby agreed to let me homeschool our princess for her first year of *real* school. (“It’s only kindergarten, what could it hurt?”) He said that we’d re-evaluate next year if steps are taken to fix these problems. So here we are.

I’m excited and thankful for this opportunity! Optimistic, even đŸ™‚ I’m praying that God will be with us and lead us every step of the way, and that He’ll help us to make the very best decisions for this precious gift that He has given us.

I have more to write, but other obligations are calling my name at the moment so I’d better scoot. Hope to write again soon!

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